Welcome Letter from the Secretary General

​Dear Participants,

​My name is Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek and I am a third year student at the MEF University
Faculty of Law. I am writing this letter to you as the President of the MEF MUN Club and the
Secretary General of the MUN@MEF’19.

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Second MEF University Model United
Nations Conference (MUN@MEF 2019), which will be held at MEF Campus, Maslak, Istanbul,
between 3-5 May 2019. I was the Secretary General of the first conference in my university and with
the experience, we are hoping to be better than the last year.

​This year, we are opening the doors of the adventure to you with 5 wonderful committees
and 2 commissions. One of our committees will be simulated in Turkish and the others will be in
English. A wonderful conference where beginners will be able to express themselves without trouble
and the limits of experienced delegates boundaries will be extended by crises is waiting for us.

As a part of the Flipped Classroom education model adopted by the MEF University, we
decided to prepare videos to explain the Rules and Procedures instead of sending out written
documents. That’s why, even if you are a first timer, there is nothing to fear! Just relax and enjoy.

By attending our conference, you may find the chance to improve your English language
skills, expand your environment by meeting new people and experience committee orders. It is
possible for both high school and university students to participate.

I would like to conclude by thanking our academic advisors for their support and our
academic team and organisation team for their hard work.

Last, but not least, MUN activities involve lots of fun. So in between all these procedures, do
not forget to enjoy your day and have fun. I wish you an amazing and rewarding experience in your
MUN@MEF’19 journey and I am looking forward to seeing you on May 3th at our Campus!

​Secretary General
Zübeyde Simge Taşyürek​