Futuristic GA4: SPECPOL

After the nuclear deal between Iran and The United States , it was heavily affected  Iran’s state structure and it’s expansionist policies of government about strengthening it’s entity in the Middle East as the Iranian government  , they have the power to control Syrian , Lebanese and Iraqi Government System as they support the operation to protect them against Syrian Military , against Lebanese government; they create a civil resistance & defiance to the state and  make a negotiation with Iraqı government ,  thus  the sanctions which was imposed by U.S government . Also knowing that Iranian government have been underestimated the expansionist politics of Iran on the Mediterranean Sea oil, all countries consider this condition  will become a treat in the long term.
In  Specpol , deals with a number of issues which are related to our topics and finds solutions which affect the future of the world . Take seats and enjoy your MUN at MEF experience .
Agenda Item: The Rise of Iran

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USG: Selin Levi
Academic Assistant: Eda Ergün