Disarmament and Security Committee, also known as General Assembly First Committee, is the first committee of United Nations and is responsible of global security, disarmament and suggesting the enforcement of law throughout the globe. DISEC has always seen as the column of the General Assembly group. Since its establishment after WW2 AND formation of the UN, DISEC has answered most of worlds military and armament problems and handled the situations distinctively, such as NPT. Black market arms trade always had been a thorn in countries’ side. But a few of them actually take a contingencies against them due to secret revenue they got from black markets.

However, as countless times before UN and other intergovernmental organizations banned these activities but regardless, with the birth of crypto currencies, these activities have risen to the peak. Since these currencies could not able to track, law organs could not prevent the organized crime in the black markets.

Now, at MEFMUN20 you, as the representative of your respective country, will try to come up with solution to solve the issue that has been going on once and for all.

Agenda Item: Preventing Blackmarket Arm Trade

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USG: Bora Dikme