With the assassination of Bashar al-Assad in late 2020, ongoing-for-10-years Syrian Civil War gained a brand-new nature. The National Emergency Cabinet (خزانة الطوارئ الوطنية) which had captured the power in Syria has turned the tides. The armed conflict between Kurdish fighters and Sunni extremists got fiercer, as clashes between Israeli military and Emergency Cabinet’s soldiers near the southern border sparked. The turmoil caused by the impeachment of Donald Trump caused the military response from the United States to come very late.

As if it was not complicated enough, today NATO has an even more existential problem, as one of its members, Turkey, is allegedly undertaking a conspiracy in Syria. Marmaris Recording, intercepted by MI6, points out to secret a Turkish plan in conjunction with Russians, to annex Northern Syria.

Special representatives from 28 NATO member states have gathered in Belgium at a classified meeting without Turkey’s presence. The clock is ticking, and NATO must decide on an action plan right now!


USG: Oğuz Öğrenci